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In New Jersey the job opportunities for lift truck operators are nearly endless. Drivers are needed in the warehousing industry, at shipyards, wholesale distribution centers and home improvement stores. Those interested in becoming a forklift operator will want to obtain a certification, and if this is done so prior to applying the chance of being hired is greatly increased. To receive a forklift certification NJ job seekers will have to complete a simple instruction and safety course.

Why This Forklift Certification Course Is Important

A forklift certification tells an employer that the worker is familiar with the specialized operation of a lift truck, the potential hazards that exist and how to avoid accidents by understanding basic safety techniques. Even if an individual has never driven a lift truck, knowing the facts about how the machines work and how to avoid dangerous situations prepares him or her for the actual experience of training on one of these vehicles. Employers usually require that their forklift drivers are certified, and will clearly spell this out on their job listings.

Company insurance premiums are lower when the employees are certified on the machines they operate. This saves the employer money and also reduces the number of workplace accidents. Any type of mishap on the job will result in an investigation, and possible monetary penalties that could potentially bankrupt the firm. Therefore companies are looking for individuals who have completed a basic worker safety course that deals specifically with the operation of certain machinery and vehicles.

What The Course Teaches

A forklift is not a very complicated vehicle, but has a set of controls that many are unfamiliar with. The machine is fitted with a mast that can be raised or lowered, and attached to the mast is a hydraulic system that operates the forks themselves. The mast can also be tilted forward or backwards, and many of the lift trucks are designed to have the forks removed and replaced with clamps or paddles. Understanding how these controls are operated in a safe manner reduces the chances of accidents on the job.

The basic course will teach students about the weight restrictions, or load limits on these vehicles as well as the safest manner in which to transport loads from one location to another. There are proper action sequences that must be taken by the driver, much as a student learning to drive a car must remember to look behind before putting the vehicle in reverse. Most accidents on the job site involving a forklift result from the operator failing to observe safety precautions while at the controls.

Studying For The Exam

Preparing for the exam is much like studying a driver’s manual. Mostly the coursework is about how to recognize the capabilities of a particular model of lift truck, how to properly snare a pallet or crate, how to tilt the load properly, and the best method of transporting material while maintaining a low center of gravity. Accident avoidance is the centerpiece of the course, with special detail given to the cause of tipovers, collisions and merchandise damage.

Upon completion of the course, which often takes only a few hours, the student receives a forklift certification that can be added to his or her resume. Employers will want a copy of this when hiring a new worker, and those who have this valuable certificate when applying at a particular company will be considered more likely candidates for the job. To start on the path to forklift certification NJ residents are encouraged to look online for low-cost instructional courses or check with local companies that offer this class.

Learning to drive a lift truck is not difficult, and most employers will perform the training themselves. Their main concern is the worker’s attitude regarding safety and accident avoidance, and this is exactly what these affordable courses teach.

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