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Lift trucks are used in a huge number of industrial settings. The operators of these vehicles are nearly always certified. Although many employers in the Atlanta area will train new employees to drive a forklift, they tend to favor job applicants who have already possess a training certificate.

Job seekers interested in a position that involves the operation of a lift truck will find that their prospects are much more numerous if they have completed a training course. These are provided by independent companies, most of which are also distributors of heavy equipment. The training follows exacting standards in order to meet with OSHA approval.

Benefits Of Forklift Training

Learning to drive a forklift is not difficult. The primary objective of the training course is to give the individual an understanding of what makes these vehicles useful, what their capabilities are, and how improper use of the lift truck results in accidents.

Those who complete an approved forklift training course will likely experience–

  • Eligibility for more job opportunities
  • A better chance of being hired
  • A higher starting salary
  • More rapid advancement

In the Atlanta area, employment opportunities for forklift operators exist in the industries of warehousing and material moving, freight yards, wholesale and retail grocery, lumber yards, home improvement centers, and manufacturing plants. Many of the employees currently holding management positions in these industries began their career as a lift truck operator.

Employers look carefully at an applicant’s resume, especially in the areas of training and certifications. Those individuals who hold a forklift training certificate will capture the attention of employers because the certificate reflects the applicant’s desire to succeed. A job seeker who completes an approved training course is looked at with interest because he or she has already taken the first step.

Minimum wage is hardly sufficient to make ends meet in today’s economy. Employers in the production and distribution industries will normally offer a higher salary if the training equivalent of on-the-job experience is part of an applicant’s resume. The completed training also tells the prospective employer that the applicant is serious about advancement within the company.

What The Training Involves

Training on forklifts is very much like a driver education course. The particulars of vehicle operation is covered in detail as is the importance of operational safety. An advanced course will cover the following points–

  • Mechanical operation of the vehicle
  • Safe transport of materials
  • Load limits
  • Accident avoidance
  • Vehicle maintenance

The training course is designed to cover these points in great detail. Learning to drive a forklift is not just a matter of knowing how to control the hydraulics or steer the machine in the desired direction. Safe operation of the lift truck is the primary objective. Employers are subject to lawsuits amounting to millions of dollars in penalties if an untrained employee causes an accident resulting in considerable property damage, personal injury or death.

From an employer’s standpoint, training procedures approved by OSHA is of great significance where risk management is concerned. The business insurance will also be more affordable when all employees have completed training required for safe operation of heavy equipment.

The employee also benefits from the training because he or she will feel more comfortable operating the equipment. The specific duties he or she performs will be easier because the technical skills needed to safely operate the lift truck have already been learned.

Forklift Training Programs In Atlanta

Those who conduct forklift training courses must themselves be properly licensed. Some of the Atlanta area companies who teach forklift operation and safety practices work directly with the hiring employer. In most cases, companies who teach these training classes to employees are not allowed to hold private classes. This is a violation of OSHA regulations.

On the other hand, certification on lift truck equipment can be completed online. The training course is inexpensive and can be completed at the individual’s own pace. The certificate is sent immediately upon passing the course. This certificate opens the door to innumerable job opportunities in the Atlanta area.

A Career Opportunity

One thing is certain. The labor force is the backbone of American industry. Those who have a foot in the door can expect a long career with many opportunities for advancement. Completion of an operational and safety course for forklift trucks may be all that is needed to land a position, one that pays well above minimum wage and offers many chances to work steadily up the ladder toward management.

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